We strive to exceed the expectations of our clients so we may become a constant resource for full-service video production and develop working relationships with the corporate, broadcast and online markets. We are motivated and driven by our own creativity by making every project a reflection of ourselves.



As owner/operator, Marcus acts as the company’s main Video Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor, and Post Production Supervisor. With over 12 years of experience in the industry, he understands and appreciates all aspects of filmmaking which has helped him incorporate his unique ‘run and gun’ methods within a wide range of carefully planned and executed projects. Marcus can navigate through an entire shoot day with a game plan in place, but never denying the happy accidents or improvisation that happen organically. Always striving to hone his craft and entertain his YouTube audience, he creates short films and sketch comedy videos on a monthly basis. Although work projects are always first priority, Marcus never looses site on his future goals with several “passion” projects in the works.

DEREK HUGHES, Cinematographer/Editor/Composer

As a member of the Skene 19 family, Derek brings his cinematography, multimedia, and musical background to the table. A well-rounded creative who can cover all of your production needs from pre to post. Derek is a Saint Vincent College alum with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication, where his love for film and composing only grew. Telling the story through the camera and having the music to match the mood is a top priority in his creative process, making sure the score and the video always go hand in hand . He is aware of the guidelines needed to create the content, ensuring that your vision comes to life on the screen.


Caitlin attended Franklin University Switzerland for 4 years to study International Communications with an emphasis in Media Studies. While working towards her bachelor’s degree, she traveled to 15 different countries to further her knowledge in the relationship between media and global processes. Caitlin’s meticulous organizational skills give her the ability to work diligently and independently on video productions of any size. From writing TV commercial scripts in the early preproduction phases, to coordinating and scheduling cast/crew for shoots, Caitlin has proved herself as a vital asset to the Skene 19 team.

An Origin Story

Skene19 Films Creating films since 2010.