It takes a lot of skill, passion and talent to perform as a one-man band in filmmaking, and Marcus Morelli is one of the best that I have ever seen. HIs ability to write, act, direct, film, and edit is unparalleled. His comedic writing and timing is amusing and fresh, and when he delivers the lines himself, they are uniquely on point. He also possesses the ability to tell a great story, providing an informative and emotionally charged experience for the viewer. Working with Marcus is a pleasure, as he always knows what he wants to get out of a situation, and does so with professional direction. I always look forward to Marcus’ next project.
Brian F Henry, Downs Creative
My clinic worked with Marcus on a series of short videos and documentaries to use for marketing purposes. Not only were they amazing and professional but they were unique and gave us the edge we were looking for. We still use them five years later and continue to reap the rewards of new business to our clinic. Thanks to Marcus and Skene 19 Films for an amazing product!
I’ve worked with Marcus on a few projects, from pre-production, production, to post. He not only knows how to get a job done, he’s willing to go to any lengths to do it. Hardworking, willing to try anything, and super easy-going. No ego. A true professional. I chose him to be on my team for our next feature because there’s simply no need to look anywhere else!
Jeff Moynahan, 72nd St. Films LLC
Skene 19 Films did a great job with our project. Their thorough approach and professional production was instrumental in showing the strengths of our company. We are very pleased and will be back for more work in the future.
The television commercials that Marcus produced for us are high quality and state of the art! We were extremely pleased. His professionalism, dependability, timeliness, and pleasant personality made the entire process painless.  
Marcus was very helpful when he worked with us to produce a corporate meeting video. Marcus made the production seamless and with no extra work on our part. We ended up with a quality video that continues to be useful one year later.
Jinny Tuscano, W.N. Tuscano Agency
Marcus produced, shot and edited a promotional video for our organization with pure professionalism and focus. He was able to craft an exceptional video through the use of interviews and cinematography, and turn a complex project narrative into a compelling story. If you are looking for someone to go above and beyond what a typical videographer does and also produce promotional videos with scripting and editing, then Marcus is your guy. He’s also a pretty fun person to work with!
Courtney Haynes, Hope Street Group
After we were hired as the new event management company for the EQT Pittsburgh Three Rivers Regatta, we knew we needed to capture everything the Regatta is and has to offer in a short film piece. Marcus was onsite for the entire event and was fearless in capturing the shots he needed, as well as listening to our vision. The Regatta Board and title sponsor EQT Corporation are beyond thrilled with the final piece.
Darcy Kucenic, Peony Entertainment
I have worked with Marcus on two award winning videos and a short film. It has been an absolute privilege collaborating with him. Marcus is not only extremely creative and talented in his trait but more importantly, he’s open to all ideas to accommodate your needs. I have thoroughly enjoyed our projects together and also look to him as a mentor in the industry. I would not only partner with Marcus on any project in the future but more importantly recommend him to anyone looking for a high quality professional product.
Marcus has been a pleasure to work with from negations to final cut. He has gone out of his way to deliver the shots that we envisioned. His attitude, professionalism, and diverse portfolio is why we chose Skene 19 Films to produce our marketing material. We look forward to working with him again when we pursue additional marketing projects.
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Marcus Morelli on a variety of film projects, with vastly different objectives. Specifically, he was hired as a cinematographer for a commercial video project for an industrial client, a music video for the Paul Luc Band in Pittsburgh, as a consultant for a feature film script analysis, and Director of Photography for several artistic short films in collaboration with our budding production company, White Ball Productions.

In every instance, whether commercial or artistic, Marcus delivered consistent quality with the right gear for the job, combined with a prompt and professional attitude; offering his own expertise when needed, while always accommodating his clients’ vision and intent.

I am pleased to recommend Marcus for any film project, regardless of size or substance. He has proven his versatility and adaption to any situation, and has a winning yet humble personality that makes each project smoother and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

John Rokosz, White Ball Productions LLC
Marcus is the man! By far one of the few filmmakers I trust to direct, shoot  and edit. Both hard work and quality are focal points of his craft. Every video shoot was organized, yet organic and fun. I’m always looking forward to the next project. Marcus is a true professional! Thanks to Skene 19 Films for creating the best video production for me thus far!
ChaRon Don, Music Artist
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Marcus on a professional level several times and each time he amazes me with his creativity and professionalism. He has the amazing ability to look at any circumstance with an artistic eye. He sees things on a different level through his lens and can make even the most basic setting into a cinematic work of art. His sense of humor and friendly nature puts everyone at ease which creates a very comfortable working environment for all. Marcus has talent at an awe-inspiring level and creates what can only be described as cinematic masterpieces!
I’ve been fortunate to work with Skene 19 Films on multiple occasions and their level of professionalism continually blows me away. They are a one-stop shop production company that delivers a final product above and beyond expectations. Owner and operator, Marcus Morelli, a long time friend and colleague is a visionary with an extraordinary eye for detail. Through staying ahead of the technological curve, Skene 19 Films gives us an unparalleled edge with our creative endeavors.
Chris Raab, Writer / Filmmaker
Our final product with Skene 19 Films transcended all expectations. They repeatedly went above and beyond all of our requests. And in the end, we didn’t just have an unbelievable video, we had a memories on film. From our initial meeting, to the actual shoot, and the amazing editing work, Marcus Morelli and Skene 19 Films blew me away. With their professionalism and attention to every detail, I personally recommend Skene 19 for any project. I don’t think anything could have prepared us for how great of an experience we had filming our first time with Skene 19 Films. Everything was seamless, comfortable, and so professional. Then we got our final edit back and it was so far beyond what we had even envisioned. I suppose that’s why we hire Marcus every chance we get now.
C.T and Lovebettie, One Koast Entertainment
I have worked with Marcus on a couple of music videos and the results exceeded expectations! He took my concepts and delivered them to perfection and beyond. What makes Skene 19 special is not just Marcus’ technical mastery, but also his ability to work so well with people. I’ve seen him work with amateur on-camera talent ranging in age from 11 to 90 and his interaction with them was so positive, contributing to both a great experience as well as end result. I’d highly recommend Skene 19 to anyone seeking professional, personable, and impressive video services.
Chip DiMonick, Music Artist
I knew that I had a great product in The Proper Knot™, but since working with Marcus, he has allowed my company to take it to a whole new level. He truly is a genius with his vision to direct, produce and/or film what he feels will best impact any business. Since we have shot our first two videos, the attention that our product has received is truly game changing. If you’re looking to stand out and do something that your competitors are not doing then I would encourage you to get involved with Marcus. He truly will help taking your product or brand to a whole new level.
David Alan, The Proper Knot
Marcus is a first class videographer; creative, edgy and engaging.  But he’s much more than that. He has the rare ability to capture the spirit of the moment, beyond the angles and lighting there is a heartbeat that he uniquely hears. Marcus took the time to listen and understand the message we are trying to deliver. His lenses snatched the scene perfectly and his talented editing brings it to life. We are grateful that Marcus helps us tell our story, we are doing great things for our community and having fun while doing it. His videos make an impact, they leave an indelible impression that is attracting good souls to our organization. High praise of Marcus and of his craft.
Michael Reese, Rotary of Westmoreland
Marcus was asked to provide a promotional video for Seven Springs Mountain Resort, Inc. He was given a summary of what this film should encompass which included the culture of our resorts. We wanted to create something that was emotional and educational. After working with Marcus to develop a script he was given creative freedom. The final cut was better than what we could have ever envisioned. I cannot speak enough about his professionalism, passion and creativity. It was a pleasure working with him and we hope to do a lot more work together in the future.
Zachary Sutty, Seven Springs
If you are looking to produce a video, look no farther than Marcus Morelli.  The events he filmed for us had a great amount of emotion and that was portrayed perfectly in the final video.  He captured a 900+ person event in a way that was extremely heartfelt and touching.  Collaborating with Marcus was a wonderful experience from start to finish and I look forward to working with him again next year!
Marcus Morelli is a class act. He seamlessly produced four videos for our 2016 Chamber Leadership Awards, requiring very little direction or follow-up editing. He is very detailed, professional, responsive, and a pleasure to work with. His friendly personality helped our award winners feel at-ease in front of the camera and the end result was high-quality work that they can use in promotion of their businesses for years to come.
I had the pleasure of working with Marcus on the production of two videos, and I was very impressed with the quality of the end product in each case. Additionally, I have received positive feedback from a number of people who were highly complimentary of Marcus’ work. Marcus pays close attention to the smallest of details and it’s obvious that he takes a lot of pride in what he does. Furthermore, in addition to his keen sense of creativity, Marcus has a strong desire to satisfy his clients.
Marcus makes the video production process seamless.  In producing online/television commercials, he has that special knack for taking our ideas and transforming them into a concise presentation that conveys the right points.  He produces commercials that compete with the best of them!
George Volich, Rampart Security
We were referred to Marcus after he did some videos for a friend of ours. I originally wanted him to do 3 videos after seeing what he can do and the type of stuff he produced we decided that he should do 7 videos for us. Marcus is absolutely great to work with! He was able to capture exactly what we wanted and put his personal professional touch on it. We defiantly will be calling him again for more videos.
Matt Hostetter, Hostetter Auctioneers
Marcus is a true artist and captured our vision in such a magical way.  I knew he was fantastic, but he really blew me away by the way he captured moments and put everything together in the most perfect way possible.  I can’t thank you enough.
Milena Roucka, WWE's Rosa Mendes
Marcus’s expertise and eye for the creative is unsurpassed. Shooting with him is always fun, never ordinary and the outcome of his work continually amazes me. We look forward to continuing great work with him and always enjoying seeing all of his work come to life. Thank you Marcus!!!
Courtney Daylong, TFM Nutrition Coach